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Leap into Language 1

INNOVA Multimedia Ltd.

Ages 4 to 7

Rating Scale
5 = great,    1 = poor
Educational Value
Kid Appeal
Ease of Use

Leap into Language 1 Screen Shot System Requirements

PC / Mac Price Survey

Product Support

This early learning software offers comprehensive language arts training in a simple, straightforward format. Amiable cartoon characters introduce kids to reading via twelve interactive language activities that present and drill skills ranging from letter sounds to word completion to beginning reading. Interesting bits of trivia are offered as bonus incentives for successfully completed lessons.

Educational Value
Lessons and activities found in Leap into Language 1 cover the following topics: letter sounds, letter formation, alpha ordering, word formation (making new words by changing a letter in a pre-existing word), sequencing, spacing, rhyming, plurals, suffixes, memorization, critical thinking, reading and reading comprehension. Activities are presented in a non-threatening manner by friendly nautical characters, and include plenty of interaction and evaluation opportunities.

Kid Appeal
This program is a bit slow and tedious, and will, therefore, work best for motivated learners. It lacks the glitzy animation and high energy found in some of the more commercial programs, and may tend to loose young kids with short attention spans.

Our teacher reviewers commended the program's comprehensive approach and noted that it would work in a classroom setting as a free-time, skill-enhancing and/or remediation activity.

Ease of Use / Install
To install Leap into Language 1 on Windows 95/98, users must first select 'Run' from the Start Menu, then type in "d:\win95\setup", where "d" represents the drive letter for the user's CD-ROM. To find a CD-ROM drive letter, double click on "My Computer", and note the letter listed under the CD-ROM icon. Macintosh users can copy the appropriate Language One folder onto their hard drive.

Once installed, program navigation is simple and intuitive.

Best for... / Bottom-Line
This beginning language arts program is designed to teach early reading skills. Because of its slow, focused approach, it will work best for serious, motivated learners and in a classroom or home schooling setting. We do not recommend this program for high energy, short attention span children.

See SuperKids' comparisons with other reading software titles, and the Buyers Guide for current market prices of the PC and Mac versions.

System Requirements
PC: Windows 3.1, Windows 95/98, IBM 486/66 compatible or better, 8 MB RAM, VGA 640x480, 256 color display, Double-speed or faster CD-ROM, Sound Blaster or compatible (8 bit, 22khz).

Mac: System 7 or higher, 68040 or better or Power PC, 8 MB RAM, Color Monitor, 256 color, Double-speed or faster CD-ROM 8 bit, 22 kHz sound capability.

Reviewed on:

  • PowerMac 6400/200 with 32MB and 8XCD
  • Pentium166 with 24MB and 12XCD
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