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SuperKids Brain Food

Make A Metaphor. (c)Roger von Oech.Philosopher Ortega y Gassett: "The metaphor is probably the most fertile power possessed by man." The key to metaphorical thinking is comparing unrelated concepts and finding similarities between them. Example: what do a cat and a refrigerator have in common? They both have a place to put fish; they both have tails; they purr; they come in a variety of colors; and, they both have a lifetime of about fifteen years. What metaphor can you make for your issue? What similarities does your idea have with cooking a meal? Building a house? Raising a child? How can these help you understand your idea? How is your issue similar to teaching a child how to read? Fighting poverty? Selling a product? Suing an adversary? Making love? Going to confession? Running for political office? Disciplining an adolescent? Running a marathon? Starting a revolution? Prospecting for gold? Courting a mate? Putting out a fire? Fighting a disease? Sailing a ship in rough seas? Doing standup comedy? Going on a diet? Performing a magic trick? Colonizing a territory? Building a house? Spreading propaganda? Going fishing? Having a baby? Getting a divorce? Arranging flowers? Pruning a tree? Conducting an orchestra? Learning a new language? Talking to God? Being in a knock-down drag-out fight? Going to war? Cultivating a garden? Celebrating a great victory?

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Creative Whack images and text used with the permission of CreativeThink. Copyright © Roger von Oech. All rights reserved.

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