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Leapster Game: Scholastic Clifford The Big Red Dog Reading


Ages 4 to 6

Rating Scale
5 = great,    1 = poor
Educational Value
Kid Appeal
Ease of Use

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Clifford the Big Red Dog Reading is a Leapster Leap Frog game based on the beloved character from books and television fame. In this story, Emily Elizabeth (Clifford's owner and best friend) shares with Clifford her brand new joke book. Unfortunately, after hearing only one joke, Clifford sneezes and all the pages blow away! It is then up to Clifford and his pals, T-Bone and Cleo, to find the jokes.

To find the jokes, Clifford must help the people of Birdwell Island - including Jetta who has lost her inspiration when painting, Charley and his balloon popping stand, the mailman and his packages, Emily's mom and the movie theatre signs, and Vaz and his camera. Each place awards a prize that will eventually lead to another page in Emily Elizabeth's joke book. Although there are many places the user could visit, it is possible for the user to only help one person throughout the game, and never complete another task.

Educational Value

All of the tasks provide educational challenges that the user must overcome, whether it be matching sounds or finding letters. Clifford the Big Red Dog Reading also teaches writing (which is easily accomplished using the Leapster Touchscreen and Pen) - a challenge for most conventional video games. The program increases in difficulty as the user continues to play, thereby stimulating and evolving as the user progresses. Full of familiar faces, the user is easily engaged and highly motivated to continue - with the jokes as a reward, e.g., "What kind of dog can tell time - a watch dog".

Kid Appeal

Clifford the Big Red Dog Reading is a fun and captivating way to learn basic reading and writing skills, and build some vocabulary. Although there is not a lot of structure in the program, not much was needed. Hints were given when necessary, but for the most part, the user just followed the basic instructions - very clear and very simple - important design characteristics in a game for younger users.

SuperKids' users thought the game was fun and intriguing, and the increasing difficulty kept Clifford the Big Red Dog Reading from becoming dull and monotonous, a problem with many other games.

Ease of Use / Install

Clifford the Big Red Dog Reading is a simple game to install and use, requiring only to be inserted into the Leap Frog device.

Best for... / Bottom-Line

Overall, Clifford the Big Red Dog Reading is a program that has gone beyond the basic phonics program - it takes loveable characters and a variety of challenges that all stress different parts of learning and combines them into a reasonably captivating game. It is not designed for video game players, with lots of action - instead, it is an educational adventure with a big red dog

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System Requirements
Cartridge is for use with Leapster, Leapster L-Max and Leapster TV learning game systems.
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