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Rocky & Bullwinkle’s Know-It-All Quiz Game

Houghton Mifflin Interactive

Ages 8 to 12

Rating Scale
5 = great,    1 = poor
Educational Value
Kid Appeal
Ease of Use

Rocky & Bullwinkle’s Know-It-All Quiz Game Screen Shot System Requirements

PC / Mac Price Survey

Product Support

Rocky & Bullwinkle’s Know-It-All Quiz Game is hosted by Bullwinkle J. Moose and features "The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle and Friends" characters, Boris, Natasha, Dudley Do-Right, Mr. Peabody and more.

The user initially heads backstage to choose the difficulty level of the game questions (easy or hard), a team to represent (WassamataU, Frostbite Falls or Pottsylvania), an avatar or spokesperson, and two cartoon teammates. The program allows for multiple players, or a single player pitted against a team of the computer’s choosing. Then it’s on with the show!

The game itself consists of three rounds of play. Before Round 1 commences, players select the order of the three designated categories. Each team gets a turn to answer five multiple-choice type questions. If a team fails to answer their question another team can buzz in (using appropriate keyboard keys) and attempt to answer. If they are correct they are awarded half the available points.

Round 2 questions are also multiple choice, but in this round the first team to hit their buzzer earns the first crack at answering the question. Round 3 includes true or false questions. In this case, points go to the first team to recognize true statements and hit their buzzers. False statements require no action.

Categories are informative and fun, ranging from Science (or "Test Tube Trivia") to Literature ("Write Stuff") to Recent Happenings ("The Years T.V. A.D.") Rocky, Bullwinkle and friends keep the game moving along with jokes and pratfalls. Each three-round game can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

Educational Value
Know-It-All Quiz Game keeps the brain bristling, accessing known information and deducing unknown facts. Clues imbedded in the cleverly phrased questions allow kids to make educated guesses in many cases. Correct answers are always provided, stimulating the user’s memory stores and potentially challenging him or her to delve further into interesting subject matter as a side activity.

Kid Appeal
SuperKid’s kid testers enjoyed this program, especially when played in group settings. The brevity of games make it work well in classrooms as a free-time activity. Teachers commended the question composition and were pleased with the broad range of categories. "This program reminds me of Brain Quest&tm;," was one 12 year-old tester’s comment. "It’s fun and teaches you lots of interesting facts at the same time."

Ease of Use / Install
Installation on Windows 95 is hassle-free.

Best for... / Bottom-Line
Watch me pull an entertaining trivia game out of my hat! Oops, I meant my CD-ROM drive!

See SuperKids' comparisons with other problem solving software titles, and the Buyers Guide for current market prices of the PC and Mac versions.

System Requirements
PC: Windows 95 or higher, 486/66 MHz or faster cpu, 10 MB hard drive space, 12 MB RAM, SVGA display, Double-speed or faster CD-ROM, MPC2-compatible sound card.

Mac: System 7.1 or higher or higher, 68040/33 MHz or faster cpu, 10 MB hard drive space, 12 MB RAM, Color display capable of 256 colors, Double-speed or faster CD-ROM.

Reviewed on:

  • PowerMac 6400/200 with 32MB and 8XCD
  • Pentium166 with 24MB and 12XCD
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