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Leapster Game: Sonic X


Ages 5 to 7

Rating Scale
5 = great,    1 = poor
Educational Value
Kid Appeal
Ease of Use

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Sonic X is a mathematical adventure that takes the user on a quest to try to unlock "chaos emeralds" and save Sonic's friends from the evil Doctor Eggman. Dr. Eggman, known for his inventive and evil machines, has turned to using math robots. It is up to Sonic to answer the math questions correctly to rescue his friends.

The goal of the program is to help the user defeat Dr. Eggman, often by providing hints such as number lines or illuminating the correct answer choice after an incorrect choice has been made. There are often small challenges Sonic must overcome to continue playing, such as organizing numbers in numerical order or doing simple addition.

Educational Value

Sonic X utilizes math suited for children in kindergarten and 1st grade. Sonic must answer math questions ranging from filling in a sequence to basic addition and subtraction. It combines learning by doing, along with the appeal of a computer game.

Kid Appeal

Sonic X is a fun and intriguing way for young children to learn basic mathematics. Through the use of good graphics and positive comments like, "Super, Sonic!" Sonic X creates an environment that allows the user to have an enjoyable time while learning.

SuperKids' users felt the game was exciting and fun, but lacked some structure. For example, at the beginning the user had to complete 3 levels before being able to move on to another portion of the game, while later the user had fairly unlimited options and little guidance as to where to go next. Many users were drawn to the additional games offered, rather than continuing with the primary mission.

Ease of Use / Install

Sonic X is a simple game to use; simply insert the cartridge into the LeapFrog Leapster pad.

Best for... / Bottom-Line

Overall, Sonic X is best suited for young children who want a fun way to learn basic mathematics with a familiar character.

See SuperKids' comparisons with other math software titles, and the Buyers Guide for the current market price of the program.

System Requirements
Cartridge is for use with Leapster, Leapster L-Max and Leapster TV learning game systems.
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