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Software for Girls

"Software for girls? Why do girls need anything different?" Ever heard this comment before?

It turns out that there are lots of good reasons, ranging from the fact that girls make up half the population, to studies that show girls' computer usage dropping off at the age where many software programs' main characters change from androgenous animals to mortal combat seeking, intergalactic space blasters.

As part of our ongoing series looking at programs designed primarily for girls, SuperKids' reviewers checked out the latest in this category. With one exception, Madeline Thinking Games Deluxe, they all focus on less academic topics.

  • Madeline Thinking Games Deluxe [for ages 5 and up] from Creative Wonders, provides activities that strengthen problem solving and reasoning, pattern recognition, spelling, vocabulary, sequencing, geography and travel skills.
  • Rockett's Adventure Maker [for ages 8 to 12] from Purple Moon, is similar to a paint or print program, allowing girls to create unique printable characters and incorporate them into original comic strip adventures. Provides computer familiarization opportunity.

  • Crayola Paint ’n Play Pony [for ages 5 to 12] from IBM, allows users to select a favorite pony to groom, decorate and name, and a ‘gallery’ for displaying artistic creations and penning original stories about the beloved creatures.

  • Rockett’s Secret Invitation [for ages 8 to 12] from Purple Moon, encourages girls to explore their feelings about friendship, school, and the future. It models both effective and ineffective ways of dealing with difficult situations, and allows the user to experience the different outcomes that can result. Best for preteen girls who suddenly find themselves too old for dolls and too young for dating.
  • Secret Paths to the Sea [for ages 8 to 12] from Purple Moon, provides young preteens with role-playing and character exploration opportunities. Will especially appeal to the sensitive young dreamer who will enjoy its soothing land and seascapes and mystical tales.

Can't find one that meet your needs? Check out other Girls programs SuperKids has reviewed.

SuperKids Ratings Ratings Key
of Use
Buyers Guide
(Price Survey)
Madeline Thinking Games Deluxe
    Creative Wonders
4.7 4.8 4.8 PC / Mac
Rockett's Adventure Maker
    Purple Moon
3.5 4.8 4.5 PC / Mac
Crayola Paint 'n Play Pony
3.8 4.5 5.0 PC / Mac
Rockett’s Secret Invitation
    Purple Moon
3.5 4.0 4.8 PC / Mac
Secret Paths to the Sea
    Purple Moon
3.9 4.5 4.5 PC / Mac
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