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SuperKids Brain Food

Ask What If? (c)Roger von Oech. Put some magic in your thinking by asking "what if?" questions. What if animals became more intelligent than people? What if we had mouths in the palms of our hands? What if men also had babies? What if we had edible clothing? What if we elected our officials by lottery? What if human life expectancy were 150 years? What if people exuded a foul smell from every pore whenever they did anything bad? Such questions will stretch your thinking and lead to new ideas. What imaginative "what if" questions can you make up for your problem? How would your issue be affected if people had seven fingers on each hand? People had wheels for feet? You had no memory whatsoever of your first ten years? People had pliers for hands? You made 10 times as much money a year as you currently do? Human bones were made of glass? There were no trees? You could only talk one hour a day? Gravity were half as strong? Gravity were twice as strong? People ate only one meal every two days? People exuded a terrible smell from all their pores whenever they behaved unethically? All human beings died at the age of 50? Your sense of smell were amplified by a factor of 100? Trees developed the ability to move themselves up to 2 meters a day? All right angles (90 degrees) were prohibited in all new construction? People were required to marry people at least fifteen years older or younger than themselves? Every person was required to spend at least two years outside of the country where they were born?

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Creative Whack images and text used with the permission of CreativeThink. Copyright © Roger von Oech. All rights reserved.

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