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SuperKids BreakOut

The Games

SuperKids BreakOut and SuperKids BreakOut 2-D are variations on the classic arcade game of logic and strategy. In the easier game, SuperKids BreakOut, the user must use a single paddle to deflect a bouncing ball into a wall of 15 bricks. Each hit removes a brick. The object of the game is to eliminate all of the bricks using as few balls as possible, in the least time.
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In the more challenging two-dimensional version, SuperKids BreakOut 2-D, the user must deflect the bouncing ball off each of nine colored blocks eight times each to remove them from the field of play. The ball can be deflected by positioning the red paddles, located on each of the four sides of the field, using your mouse. (The cursor must remain within the game field.) Miss a ball with one of the paddles, and you lose it. The game is won by knocking out all of the blocks before running out of balls. Need more of a challenge in either game? Increase the speed of the balls before starting a new game!
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