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Brother Bear

Disney Interactive

Ages 6 and up

Rating Scale
5 = great,    1 = poor
Educational Value
Kid Appeal
Ease of Use

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Brother Bear is the computer game based on the 2003 hit movie of the same title. The program starts with two moose (Rutt and Tuke) telling the story of how a hunter became a bear, and all his subsequent challenges.

In the program, the user becomes Kenai, the hunter-turned-bear. Kenai meets his "tour guide", Koda, a young bear cub that is separated from his family. Koda leads the user through the quest-format game teaching Kenai about the itchy bushes and the totems that the user must collect. While jumping on logs and chasing fish, the user also must stay one step ahead of another human hunter, Denahi.

Educational Value

While Brother Bear is a fun-packed game that reinforces the importance of friendship and listening, it does not adress the classic 3 R's -- no reading, writing or arithmetic here. Our young reviewers thought that the game does address important values, even if it doesn't teach "school subjects."

Kid Appeal

Even if kids have not seen Disney's Brother Bear movie, they will enjoy this fun adventure. Disney's Brother Bear is targeted at "ages 6 and above", but SuperKids' testers felt that younger children will be frustrated with the skills and direction following required to play the game. Older kids seemed to enjoy the challenge of being a bear. Seeing the movie first doesn't confer much of an advantage to the user since in the beginning, Rutt and Tuke summarize the entire tale. "If Disney added anything more, the game might seem cluttered" said one of our 12 year-old testers. "Disney's Brother Bear is a great way to spend an afternoon, and now I really want to see the movie" said another.

Ease of Use / Install

Most of Disney's software programs are very easy to install, and Brother Bear follows along in that tradition. SuperKids' reviewers had no difficulties installing or uninstalling the program. Program navigation was fairly straightforward and well organized. Younger children may need adult help to finish the game.

Best for... / Bottom-Line

Disney's Brother Bear is a fun program for kids. Whether you've seen the movie or not, Brother Bear is "...a great way to spend a rainy day or afternoon!"

See SuperKids' comparisons with other problem solving software titles, and the Buyers Guide for current market prices of this Windows-only program.

System Requirements
PC: Windows 98 / Me / XP / 2000, Pentium II class processor 350 MHz or faster cpu, 250MB MB hard drive space, 64MB RAM, 8MB video card with 3D acceleration, 16-bit color depth, DirectX 9-compatible, 8X or faster CD-ROM, DirectX 9 included.

Reviewed on:
-     Pentium III - 750 running Windows Me, with 128MB RAM and 24x - CD-ROM
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