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Creative Labs and Modern Media:
Gus Goes to Cyberopolis

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Reviewed on:
PowerMac 6100 with 8MB RAM and 2xCD

Gus provides children with exposure to learning in many content areas, including language arts, math reasoning, cultural geography, and ecology. It also can develop specific skills in these areas, such as use of scientific methods and the dictionary.

Gus Goes to Cyberopolis is an excellent educational tool - and it's fun! It encourages exploration, participation in learning activities, and promotes intellectual curiosity. The educational design of Gus attempts to be experiential, relevant to modern educational and societal concerns, and is kid-friendly. All of this is done in a terribly clever way through animated graphics, games, and song. The additional element of searching for the 18 Cyberbuds hidden within the various environments is very motivating for some young children. Others, however, became more interested in the search for Cyberbuds than in exploring the learning environments. This is a potential drawback to full usage of this otherwise marvelous piece of software.

Best for...
Four to eight year-olds with zero to moderate computer experience.

Gus Goes to
Educational Content * * * * *
Methodology * * * * *
Age Appropriate * * * * *
Management Tools * * *
Classroom Value * * *
Home Value * * * * *

See Also:
Editor's, Parent's, and Kid's Reviews and the
Summary Ratings Table

System Requirements >

<DD>486, 8MB RAM, 2XCD-ROM, Windows 3.1 or higher, 13

LCIII or faster, including PowerMacs, 8MB RAM, System 7.0 or later, 13" 256 color monitor or larger

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