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MECC's BodyScope

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Reviewed on on:
Mac LCIII w/8MB,
PowerMac 6100/60 w/8MB

BodyScope is a solid educational program that introduces children to many of the aspects of the human body. Our reviewers expected a thorough treatment of the topic, and were more disappointed than our teachers with the breadth and depth of material presented. This is an introductory software package, not a high school or college anatomy textbook.

Most of the parent reviewers felt that when viewed either as an introductory tool at home for a youngster interested in the human body, or as a supplement to school studies, that this was a well thought-out package.

The sound and graphics in BodyScope are not as flashy as some of the newer home titles in this category, but as one reviewer put it, "It lacks in flair, but maybe that is not bad in the computer world where fast-paced graphics and sound sometimes substitute for solid educational programming."

Interest Holding Power ***
Parent Friendly **
Independent Activity Value ***
Educational Value ****
Purchase Value ****

See also:
Editor's, Teacher's, and Kid's Reviews and the
Comparative Ratings Table for Anatomy Software

System Requirements >
<DD>this is a Mac-only title</DD>
<DD>Color Mac capable of reading highdensity 3.5

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