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Schoolhouse Rock

Valuable, fun classics, according to our reviewers and staff members!
Schoolhouse Rock! - America Rock
( 1997 ) -- Learning about American history and government is easy when you sing along with America Rock! The Preamble to the Constitution is much easier to remember when it's set to music. And everyone who saw the original TV cartoon series remembers how a bill becomes a law ("Oh, I'm just a bill, a lonely old bill, sitting here on Capitol Hill"). These and eight other shorts make up America Rock, a 30-minute program that will stir patriotism and teach kids a bit of history. Whether you're an adult who remembers fondly his Schoolhouse Rock days or a parent trying to help a child with school, this selection will have you singing that "knowledge is power."
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Schoolhouse Rock! - Grammar Rock
(1974) -- Once upon a time kids learned many of their school lessons in the three-minute episodes of Schoolhouse Rock. These educational cartoons came on during the commercial breaks of the less-than-edifying Saturday morning fare in the 1970s, and despite their healthy content, kids stayed glued to the screen to sing along to the somewhat psychedelic cartoons. And what better way to learn a dry subject, than by putting it to music?!
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Schoolhouse Rock! - Multiplication Rock
(1974) -- Learning multiplication tables is easy when you sing along with Multiplication Rock. Schoolhouse Rock takes children on a fantastic scholastic learning adventure! The same great songs you knew and loved as a kid are now available to a whole new generation. Multiplication Rock tackles the multiplication tables, covering numbers 0 through 12 (but not 1 or 10), and chances are few people who grew up watching these famous cartoon shorts, can multiply without hearing familiar voices.
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Schoolhouse Rock! - Science Rock
(1974) -- Science is an important but complex subject that often seems overwhelming to kids. Science Rock takes a nontraditional approach to this subject, entertaining kids with upbeat music that features lyrics absolutely packed with information. Simple, accurate descriptions of the human body's digestive, circulatory, central nervous, and skeletal systems, along with explanations of energy sources, the solar system, and gravity provide the thematic material for eight rock- and blues-inspired songs that kids find immediately appealing.
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Schoolhouse Rock! - Money Rock
(1998) --The world of finance bewilders many adults, so it's not surprising that kids often find it incomprehensible. Money Rock tackles subjects like budgeting, taxes, interest, and the stock market with simple definitions, fun animation, and lots of catchy music.
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