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Make Way for Mars!

Looking for information about NASA's Pathfinder mission to Mars? Want to see the latest photos from the surface of the red planet?

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SuperKids has created a short list of the best sites we've found with photos and information about the Pathfinder mission, Mars, NASA, and more.

Best Mars Sites

Mars Pathfinder: Welcome to Mars. A fast site!

NASA's main Pathfinder site. List of other mirror sites.

Mars Pathfinder News and Information.

Mars Global Surveyor.

Center for Mars Exploration.

The Whole Mars Catalog The Whole Mars Catalog

Photo of Pathfinder rover on Mars
Other Space Exploration Sites

NASA's Space Shuttle

Other Planet Sites

Welcome to the Planets A collection of many of the best images from NASA's planetary exploration program.

Planetary Photo Journal

Astronomical Images Archive Photos of and information about a variety of local and deep sky objects

SuperKids' Reviews of Astronomy Software

SkyGazer - Guide to the Heavens

Starry Night Deluxe

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