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Math Munchers Deluxe

For Ages 8 - 12

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Reviewed on:
PowerMac 6100/60 with 8MB and 2X CD, and
Pentium90 with 8MB and a 2XCD
Childrens Software - Screen shot of Math Munchers

Math Munchers Deluxe is a simulated TV game show of math problems. The user plays the game through a creature called a Muncher. The Muncher runs across a colorful, tilted checkerboard filled with numbers, simple equations, or shapes, each of which represents a right or wrong answer to a simple question posed at the top of the board. The user must direct the Muncher to pick all of the correct answers to the question from the items on the board. Examples range from "find the factors of 3," to "find the proper fractions," or "select the prime numbers."

Not tough enough for you? The default setting of the game also allows an array of bad critters to interfere with the Muncher's work, trying to eat him! The user is given four Munchers and loses a Muncher each time a wrong answer is selected or whenever the Muncher runs into a Troggle.

Ease of Install / Use
Installation of Math Munchers on both a PC and a Mac was straightforward. Initial use of the program -- without opening the manual -- was problem-free for all of our testers.

At the beginning of the game, the user is required to pick a grade level (3-6), and a subject area (fractions, geometry, etc.) The program then provides 17+ levels of problems within each of these areas. One drawback of Math Munchers is that the user cannot switch difficulty levels within a game. Alteration of either the level or subject can only be accomplished at the start of a game. The good news? There are a lot of math problems to be solved. (Although they are all visual, rather than word problems). The really good news? Our adult reviewers could handle all of the hardest problems without embarassing themselves!

Proxy Parent Value
Math Munchers provides valuable math skills practice, and many children will want to play it because it is highly entertaining. This title scored well as an independent activity because of its simplicity, and because of parents' and teachers' belief that their kids would practice their math as they play. Unlike some other programs where the educational components are optional, solving math problems is the objective of this program.

Best for...
Math Munchers covers basic math skills that kids learn from third grade to sixth grade. For at home use, Math Munchers appealed to our kid reviewers because they thought of it as a game, not homework. It will be especially appealing to children who like challenges, and are quick thinkers. For classroom use, Math Munchers is best suited for individual, or very small (2-3) group use. “Most of the kids in my class groaned when we stopped playing Math Munchers,” wrote a teacher reviewer. One important drawback to classroom use, however, is the lack of incorporated classroom management tools: it does not keep records of each student user to see how the student improves.

Math Munchers is an educational program that our kid reviewers loved to use. It makes learning basic math terms and concepts fun.

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Children's Software System Requirements


Operating System Windows 3.1 or later, Win95 System 7.1 or later
CPU Type and Speed 486/50 or faster 68040 (Performa 575 or faster
Hard Drive Space
Memory (RAM) 8 MB 5 MB minimum
Graphics 256 color SVGA 13 " or greater 256 color
CD-ROM Speed 2X 2X
Audio Windows compatible sound card n/a
Other Needs mouse mouse

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