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Early Learning Software II
The Big Picture

So your child is getting ready to make one of the big steps in life - starting school. Pretty neat - but you'd like to try to ease the transition from the freedom of play, to the regimen of school, and you've heard about some popular software...

Computer programs for kids who can't even tie their own shoes, let alone read?

This month, SuperKids took an in-depth look at programs targeted at toddlers (18 mos. to 3 years), preschoolers (3 to 5 years), and kindergartners (4 to 6 year-olds). We were pleasantly surprised to discover that all of the programs we looked at provided impressive educational value in formats that were appealing to our kid testers.

In addition to these titles for the very young, SuperKids had previously reviewed other Early Learning programs. Check out the review summary, because many of them are still available.

Do we recommend starting pre-school children on computers? Yes, if they are interested, and if you are willing to work with them. Computer software is not a surrogate parent, care-giver, or teacher for these young children.

The key to selecting valuable early learning software for your children, is to match their current level of understanding with the level of the material presented in the programs. Click on the program names to read reviews of the specific titles, or click on "PC" or "Mac" in the price survey column to take a look at current market prices in our Buyers Guide.

SuperKids RatingsRatings Key
Buyers Guide
(Price Survey)
Reader Rabbit's ToddlerThe Learning Company* * * * ** * * * ** * * * *PC
Fisher-Price Ready for School Toddler EditionDavidson* * * * ** * * * ½* * * * ½PC
Reader Rabbit's PreschoolThe Learning Company* * * * ** * * * ** * * * *PC
Fisher-Price Ready for PreSchoolDavidson* * * * ** * * * ½* * * * ½PC
Reader Rabbit's KindergartenThe Learning Company* * * * ** * * ** * * * *PC
Fisher-Price Ready for School Kindergarten EditionDavidson* * * * ** * * ** * * * ½PC
JumpStart Kindergarten 2.0Knowledge Adventure* * * * ** * * ** * * * ½PC

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