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Home Education Best Sellers -- March 1996

What? You say you don't want to read a review to find out what's good? You just want to follow the crowd and buy what everyone else is buying? Look here to find the biggest sellers. The titles with current reviews available on-line are indicated with hyperlinks.

Reference Software (Mac & PC)

This Month Last Month Title Publisher
1 1 Microsoft Encarta
(CD MPC, CD Mac, Win95)
2 2 Compton's
Interactive Encyclopedia
(CD MPC, Win95)
New Media
3 * Select Phone (CD MPC/Mac, CD Win95) Pro CD
4 3 Grolier Encyclopedia
(CD MPC, CD Mac)
5 * American Yellow Pages (CD MS-DOS) American Business Info

Education Software for the Macintosh...

This Month Last Month Title Publisher
1 3 Pocahantas Animated Storybook (CD) Disney
2 1 Lion King Activity Center (CD) Disney
3 2 Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Mindscape
4 4 Kids Mac Pak (CD) Creative Wonders
5 5 Kid Pix Studio (CD) Broderbund
6 9 Oregon Trail MECC
7 6 Mario Teaches Typing Interplay
8 * Where in the World
is Carmen Sandiego (CD)
9 * Way Things Work (CD) DK Multimedia
10 * ADAM Inside Story ADAM Software

Education Software for MS-DOS/Windows...

This Month Last Month Title Publisher
1 3 Pocahantas Animated Storybook (CD) Disney
2 6 Where in the World
Is Carmen Sandiego (CD)
3 2 Math Blaster:
In Search of Spot(CD)
4 4 Winnie the Pooh (CD) Disney
5 1 Lion King Activity Center (CD) Disney
6 5 Mathematics Box Set ( CD Win) Sofsource
7 * Where in the USA
Is Carmen Sandiego (CD)
8 * Fisher Price
Ready for School (CD MS-DOS)
9 7 Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing (DOS, Win, MPC) Mindscape
10 8 Dr. Seuss' ABCs (CD MPC) Living Books

* Title not on last month's chart.

Source: PC Data. Lists based on units sold by twenty-four retail chains
representing more than 50% of the U.S. market.

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