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The 1995 Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia

A review of the 1997 edition of Grolier's is also available at

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CD Encyclopedia Ratings

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Reviewed on:
Pentium PC w/8Mb and 2XCD

Ease of Installation
Average for a PC CD. The installer, however, wanted to replace a more current version of QuickTime for Windows (QTW) with an older version. We said no thank you. Installation requires a minimum of 6MB of hard disk storage.

+ Contains the complete text of 21 volume paper encyclopedia, plus multimedia additions

+ Has a note pad link that user can set to any word processor, allowing easy extracting

+ Powerful boolean search engine allows and/or/not searches on full text of articles

- Tool bar icons not intuitive without help from manual

- Hyperlinks are in CAPS, not underlined in color

A solid reference tool, with an excellent search engine.


Rating Table Header

Groliers Multimedia
Ease of Install * * *
Ease of Use * * * *
Manual Utility * * *
Technical Support n/a
SuperKids Test Results * * * *

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System Requirements
386/20 min., MS Windows 3.1 or higher, 4 MB RAM, 6 MB free hard disk space, 16 color VGA or 256 color SVGA video, Windows supported sound card, MPC rated CD-ROM drive, mouse

LC II or higher (68020/16 MHz), System 7.0 or higher, 2 MB free RAM, 5 MB free hard disk space, QuickTime capable CD-ROM drive, 12 inch or larger color monitor

Grolier's Boolean Search Engine

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