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Math Software

The Big Picture

SuperKids looked at four math software packages for young students in this comparison, and all were rated as good or better. All combine some form of entertaining activity with math practice or learning. But don't allow their similar overall ratings to lull you into indifference in your purchase decision. These programs are good for different reasons, and for different types of children. Read below for a snapshot of their differences, then click on the titles that interest you to see what our parent, teacher, and kid reviewers had to say.

SuperKids also took a look on another occasion, at a double-CD package released by Maxis, containing Zark and the Search for Symbols, and Zark and the Quest for Patterns. [for ages 6 - 9] The program creatively illustrates the existence of patterns in music, art and numbers, as well as the typical geometric shapes we all remember. Four different adventures, each with three difficulty levels, provide lots of learning opportunities.

Take a look at the ratings tables below, click on the titles of the software you are interested in to see the complete review, or click on "PC" or "Mac" in the Buyers Guide column to see current market prices in our Buyers Guide.

Finally, don't forget to look at Math Software II to see more recent SuperKids' reviews of Math Software.

Math Software for Pre-Kindergarten - 6th Grade

SuperKids RatingsRatings Key
Buyers Guide
(Price Survey)
MECC* * * ** * * * ** * * * *PC
Number MazeGreat Wave* * * * ** * * ** * * * *PC
Math Blaster
In Search of...
Davidson* * * ** * * ** * *PC
Math Rabbit DeluxeThe Learning Company* * * * ** * * ** * * * *PC
Math Box SetSofSource

Zark ...Symbols and PatternsMaxis* * * ** * * ** * * *PC

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