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The Learning Company's
Math Rabbit Deluxe

For Ages 4-7

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Reviewed on:
Pentium90 with 8MB and a 2XCD
PowerMac 6100/60 with 8MB and 2XCD
Childrens Software - Math Rabbit Screen Shot

Math Rabbit uses a circus setting for four games that involve counting, number matching, and problem solving. Within each game, there are four math difficulty levels for the user (or parent or teacher) to choose from. If the user correctly answers all of the problems in a game set, he gets a ticket that he can apply toward the purchase of a toy at the prize center. “The set up of this title is excellent. The prize tickets are great incentive for kids to finish a game,” commented a parent reviewer.

The games are fun for young children, and exercise a variety of beginning math skills. In the Calliope Counting Game, the user makes music on a pipe organ by counting out notes, either an original tune or a tune that the Rabbit leads. The Tightrope Show involves matching a number or equation that the rabbit holds up to a given number. In the Sea Lion Show, the user must uncover a number pattern by solving addition and subtraction problems. The Balloon Matching Game is a variation of the classic "concentration" game. Behind each balloon is a number, an equation, or a certain number of objects. The user must match the numbers with the correct number of objects or with the equation solutions.

Ease of Install / Use
Math Rabbit was simple to install and intuitive in operation. One problem for first time users is that some instructions are written, rather than spoken. Therefore, if your child is a non-reader, you will need to explain how the various games work.

Math Rabbit approaches math as a fun activity. “Kids will scarcely realize that they are practicing math skills,” noted a teacher reviewer. “The circus setting draws kids in and holds their attention. The math activities effectively practice valuable basic math skills."

One concern that some reviewers had was that although the program does provide positive reinforcement (Math Rabbit says things like “good job” and “nice try”, and hands out prize tickets), there are only very limited hints provided for incorrect answers.

Proxy Parent Value
Most children will quickly feel comfortable with the activities, if they have had some exposure to counting and simple addition and subtraction. However, younger children may need an adult's help, both in reading the directions, and in understanding some math problems.

Best for...
A child must be able to count and recognize numbers to effectively use Math Rabbit. One teacher stated that Math Rabbit would most benefit “children who are first learning about numbers, number patterns, and counting.”

Math Rabbit is an excellent title that makes sense as a first math program, especially for pre-schoolers and kindergartners.

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Children's Software System Requirements


Operating System Windows 3.1 or higher System 7.0 or later
CPU Type and Speed 386/25 MHz or faster All Macs w/256 color
Hard Drive Space 1 MB DOS
13 MB Windows
11 MB
Memory (RAM) 4 MB 4 MB
Graphics 256 color SVGA or 16 color VGA 256 color monitor
CD-ROM Speed 2X 2X
Audio Windows compatible sound card n/a
Other Needs mouse mouse

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