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ADAM Software: Nine Month Miracle

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Reviewed on:
Pentium PC w/8Mb and 2XCD

ADAM's Nine Month Miracle covers the entire process of human reproduction, from intercourse through delivery. The "story" is told in nine chapters, each representing the processes taking place along the fetal development timeline. Video clips are interspersed throughout the chapters, or can be viewed after searching an index. Unfortunately, that index lacks a fine level of granularity, so that the user has to view more material than perhaps necessary to find an answer to a specific question.

The progression of fetal development is clearly documented, in an interesting fashion, by the Nine Month Miracle. The ability to pick and choose topics, although somewhat broad, allows for study of individual areas of interest. Overall, the material is presented in a logical manner that is easy to grasp.

Best for...
This program is best for viewing with a parent, or as part of a class setting. Several components, notably "A Child's View of Pregnancy" and "Emily's New Sister" are suitable for use with younger children, while the rest of the package is best for older, more mature students.

9 Month
Educational Content * * * * *
Methodology * * * *
Age Appropriate * * *
Management Tools n/a
Classroom Value * * * *
Home Value * * * * *

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Ratings Table for Human Anatomy Software

System Requirements
386/33 min, 486 or higher recommended, Windows 3.1 or higher, 4MB RAM min, 8MB recommended, 5MB hard disk space, 256 color SVGA monitor, 2X CD-ROM, MPC-compatible sound card

68030/16 or higher, or PowerMac in native mode, System 7, 8MB RAM, 6MB hard disk space, 13 inch or larger monitor, 256 color display, 2X CD-ROM

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