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Knowledge Adventure's 3D Body Adventure

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Reviewed on:
486 w/8MB, 2XCD-ROM, and
Pentium w/8MB, 2XCD-ROM

Proxy Parent Value
"Proxy parent value" is the SuperKids measure for a software package's likelihood of being interesting and useful to a child working independently, over the long term. In other words, is this a piece of software a child can immerse themselves in repeatedly, without mom or dad hovering nearby? 3D Body Adventure was scored highly on the independent activity scale by our reviewers, but a little less so on the question of longevity. Although the children themselves indicated they thought they would have a long-term interest in repeatedly using the software, the parents were far less certain. "The graphics are great, but after you've been through the theater a couple of times, you've seen what there is to see. Same with the games," noted one father

Parent Friendly
This was a fairly typical CD-ROM to install on a PC. In other words, not difficult if you've done a couple before, or followed the directions. Initial use, however, was not entirely intuitive. Even one of our guru-level parent reviewers found some things less than obvious. "There was a fair amount of trial and error involved in using Body Adventure. Nothing really hard, but you had to be willing to experiment to uncover all the functions included."

Purchase Value
Would our reviewers buy it again? Yes, if they had a child who had previously expressed an interest in human anatomy. As one reviewer put it, "although not as complete as I had hoped, it does make anatomy come alive."

Interest Holding Power * * *
Parent Friendly * *
Independent Activity Value * * * *
Educational Value * * *
Purchase Value * * * *

See also:
Editor's, Teacher's, and Kid's Reviews and the
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<DD>this is a Mac-only title</DD>
<DD>Color Mac capable of reading highdensity 3.5

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