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1. Review the words in a table
2. Click (memorize) in either column to begin
Guess the answer in your head
Click the buttons and follow the directions at the bottom of the table
Or click on matching mode at the bottom of a table, after clicking on (memorize)
Word (memorize) Definition (memorize)
insouciant calm and untroubled; carefree
deferred yield; delay
exacerbate worsen; embitter
phlegmatic not easily disturbed
compliant yielding; submissive
equanimity calmness; composure
soluble can be dissolved
amphibious can live both on land and in water
abrogate cancel, call off
implacable cannot be appeased or pacified; relentless

Word (memorize) Definition (memorize)
incorrigible cannot be corrected, improved, or reformed
imperturbable cannot be disconcerted, disturbed, or excited; impassive
unintelligible cannot be understood; incomprehensible
venal capable of being corrupted
malleable capable of being shaped
fungible capable of being used in place of something else
enthrall captivate; fascinate
compelling captivating; irresistibly interesting
blithe carefree; showing a gay, cheerful disposition
prudence careful management

Memorize both together

Word (memorize) Definition (memorize)
chary careful; cautious
laxity careless
gristle cartilage found in meat
reciprocate cause to move alternately back and forth
engender cause; produce
formidable causing fear or dread
circumspect cautious; careful
wary cautious; on one's guard
condemn censure; disapprove of strongly
impugned challenge as false

Word (memorize) Definition (memorize)
veer change direction; shift
vicissitude change of fortune
incantation chanted words or a formula
medieval characteristic of the Middle Ages
abyss chasm; a deep fissure in the earth
tawdry cheap and showy; gaudy; sleazy
debase cheapen; to make lower in value, quality, character, or dignity
alacrity cheerful promptness; eagerness
genial cheerful, friendly, and sympathetic
masticate chew

Memorize both together

Memorize all (on this page)

Combines all tables on this page into one large table, and begins the memorization process:
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