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1. Review the words in a table
2. Click (memorize) in either column to begin
Guess the answer in your head
Click the buttons and follow the directions at the bottom of the table
Or click on matching mode at the bottom of a table, after clicking on (memorize)
Word (memorize) Definition (memorize)
raffish tawdry; vulgar; low
inculcate teach
tedium tediousness
incursion temporary invasion
abeyance temporary suspension
carping tending to find fault
conciliatory tending to reconcile
evanescent tending to vanish like vapor
sententious terse; concise; aphoristic
compatible work well together, get along well together, combine

Word (memorize) Definition (memorize)
compulsion driving force
haste the act of hurrying; quickness of motion
espionage spying
abstinence voluntarily doing without pleasures
combustion the process of burning
divination foretelling future events; clever conjecture
bilge the bulge of a barrel or cask; bottom of a boat
abduction kidnapping
anarchy complete absence of government
distillate the essence; purified form

Memorize both together

Word (memorize) Definition (memorize)
pith the essential part; substance
kernel the most central part; a grain
denouement the outcome, solution, unraveling, or clarification of a
brevity the quality of being brief
alloy the relative purity of gold or silver; fineness
contentment the state of being satisfied
context set of facts or circumstances that surround a situation or event
hence thereafter; subsequently
attenuation thin out
meager barely adequate

Word (memorize) Definition (memorize)
menace threatening harm or evil
truculent defiantly aggressive
ominous threatening; sinister
subliminal threshold of consciousness
jettison throw overboard
assimilate to absorb and incorporate
arouse to awaken, as from sleep
equivocate to be deliberately ambiguous
cadge to beg or get by begging
afflict to cause pain or suffering to; distress very much

Memorize both together

Memorize all (on this page)

Combines all tables on this page into one large table, and begins the memorization process:
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