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1. Review the words in a table
2. Click (memorize) in either column to begin
Guess the answer in your head
Click the buttons and follow the directions at the bottom of the table
Or click on matching mode at the bottom of a table, after clicking on (memorize)
Word (memorize) Definition (memorize)
ascetic practicing self-denial; austere
extol praise highly
commend praise; to express approval of
laudable praiseworthy; commendable
predilection preconceived liking; partiality or preference
jaundiced prejudiced; envious; yellowed
precocious premature development
malinger pretend to be ill to escape duty or work; shirk
sanctimonious pretending to be very holy
hypocrisy pretending to be what one is not

Word (memorize) Definition (memorize)
endemic prevailing among a specific group
pervade prevalent throughout
tenet principle, doctrine, or belief held as a truth
promulgated proclaim; make public; put into effect
dilatory procrastination; given to delay
kinetic producing motion
lachrymose producing tears
profundity profound; intellectually deep
protuberance projection; bulge
protract prolong in time or space; extend; lengthen

Memorize both together

Word (memorize) Definition (memorize)
notoriety prominent or well-known person, often unfavorably
propriety proper, fitting, or suitable
commensurate proportionate; corresponding in extent or degree
haughty proud; arrogant
endow provide with some talent or quality
remedial providing a remedy
cathartic purgative; inducing a figurative cleansing
enigmatic puzzling
contentious quarrelsome; disagreeing violently
nostrum questionable medicine

Word (memorize) Definition (memorize)
complacency quiet satisfaction; contentment
taciturn quiet; habitually silent
quiescent quiet; still; inactive
discursive rambling; passing from one topic to another
paramount ranking higher than any other
voracious ravenous; gluttonous
officious ready to serve; obliging
upbraid rebuke severely or bitterly
abjure recant; to give up (opinions) publicly
inchoate recently begun; rudimentary

Memorize both together

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Combines all tables on this page into one large table, and begins the memorization process:
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