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Directions (hide this section)

1. Review the words in a table
2. Click (memorize) in either column to begin
Guess the answer in your head
Click the buttons and follow the directions at the bottom of the table
Or click on matching mode at the bottom of a table, after clicking on (memorize)
Word (memorize) Definition (memorize)
savant learned person; eminent scholar
abstruse hard to understand; deep; recondite
erudition learning acquired by reading and study
assuage lessen; soothe
largess liberal giving; generous gift
herbaceous like a green leaf in texture, color, shape
brazen impudent; audacious
circumscribe limit
knoll small round hill
destitute living in complete poverty

Word (memorize) Definition (memorize)
abominate loathe; to dislike very much
abhorrence loathing; detestation
nostalgia longing for things of the past
dissolute unconstrained by convention or morals
garrulous loquacious; wordy; talkative
uproarious loud and boisterous
enmity hostility; antagonism
din loud confusing noise
scurvy low; mean; vile; contemptible
nadir lowest point

Memorize both together

Word (memorize) Definition (memorize)
camaraderie loyal, warm and friendly feeling among comrades
allegiance loyalty or devotion
fealty loyalty; allegiance
lascivious lustful
sedulous diligent; persevering
incumbent lying, resting on something; imposed as a duty
hackneyed made trite by overuse
inure make accustomed to something difficult
negate make ineffective
whet make keen; stimulate, sharpen

Word (memorize) Definition (memorize)
impart make known; tell; reveal
slake make less intense by satisfying
obfuscate make obscure; confuse
discern make out clearly
indemnify make secure against loss
discomfit make uneasy
obviate make unnecessary
malevolence malice; spitefulness; ill will
fetid malodorous; smelly
megalomania a psychological state characterized by delusions of grandeur

Memorize both together

Memorize all (on this page)

Combines all tables on this page into one large table, and begins the memorization process:
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