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1. Review the words in a table
2. Click (memorize) in either column to begin
Guess the answer in your head
Click the buttons and follow the directions at the bottom of the table
Or click on matching mode at the bottom of a table, after clicking on (memorize)
Word (memorize) Definition (memorize)
avid eager and enthusiastic
pugnacious eager and ready to fight; quarrelsome
alacrity eager willingness or readiness
facile easily accomplished; ready or fluent
irascible easily angered; quick tempered
tractable easily worked; obedient; malleable
trenchant effective; thorough; cutting; keen
maudlin effusively sentimental
exalt elevate; to praise; glorify
orator eloquent public speaker

Word (memorize) Definition (memorize)
disconcert embarrass; confuse
fraught emotional, tense, anxious, distressing
poignant emotionally touching or moving
vacuity emptiness
barren uninhabited wilderness
coerce persuade with force or pressure
augment enlarge; to make greater, as in size, quantity, or strength
circumvent to avoid or try to avoid
expunge erase or remove completely
obliterate to wipe out

Memorize both together

Word (memorize) Definition (memorize)
efface erase; obliterate as if by rubbing it out
capricious erratic; flighty; tending to change abruptly
pithy essential; brief and to the point
perdition eternal damnation; complete ruin
equivocal evasive; misleading
quotidian everyday; usual or ordinary
industrious diligent; skillful
paradigm example or model
transcend exceed; surpass; excel
transcendent exceeding usual limits; incomparable; beyond ordinary existence

Word (memorize) Definition (memorize)
superfluous excessive
cupidity greed; avarice, didactic
wanton excessively merry; frolicsome; having no regard for others
preside exercise control or authority
abstemious self-restraint
relegate exile or banish
innate natural rather than acquired
contemporaneous existing or happening in the same period of time
adroit expert; clever; skillful in a physical or mental way
exegesis explanation, especially of biblical passages

Memorize both together

Memorize all (on this page)

Combines all tables on this page into one large table, and begins the memorization process:
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