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Book Synopsis:
Beyond Technology's Promise

by Joseph B. Giacquinta, Jane E. Levin, and Jo Anne Bauer

As personal computers have become more available, the hopes for what they can accomplish have grown. There has been a great deal of optimism for educational reform through wide computer use, both at school and in the home. Hopeful parents buy PCs for their children, expecting their grades to improve and their homework to be done more fruitfully.

Beyond Technology's Promise takes a hard look at the home computing scene. How are children using computers in the home? Is home computer use related to academic achievement? The research reported in the book focuses on whether families are using computers to help children learn academic skills and, if so, how well they are doing it. Using the acronym SITE (for Studies of Interactive Technology in Education), the three-year, qualitative investigation provided contextual information crucial to our understanding of how computers are really being used. The authors propose directions that must be taken in order to facilitate the educational use of home computers or any other promising educational technology. In doing so, they examine such topics as parental leadership, the home-school computer connection, and the role of gender in home computing use.

Cambridge University Press, 1993
ISBN 0-521-40447-9
ISBN 0-521-40784-2 (paperback)

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