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NuuED Secures $3 Million in Funding From DuKlaw Ventures

The NuuED Spiral™ App has over 500,000 Pre-Subscribed Customers.

Oakland, Ca , February 10, 2016 - ?NuuED Inc., the advanced technology education company with the power to assist learners based on their unique learning styles, today announced a $3 million financing deal with Swiss-based DuKlaw Ventures. DuKlaw Ventures led the investment effort with participation from German-based Deutsche Gruppe.

The DuKlaw Ventures financing builds on NuuED’s financing, growth and product launch road map for 2016. The effort will deliver the NuuED Spiral™ App to over 500,000 pre-subscriber customers. This early stage company has amassed a user base that is growing at a pace of 30,000 per week.

“NuuED’s offering is well timed with a rapidly increasing demand in smart education products and services. The NuuED Spiral™ App is a game-changer in education, and this company is well positioned for growth and success. A very attractive capability is that the NuuED Spiral™ App includes embedded cyber security technologies ensuring a safe and socially responsible use by all users. We find this advanced unique application of interoperable cyber security a significant differentiator in the market,” said Duncan Brown, Principal at DuKlaw Ventures.

When asked to further define the significance of the NuuED Spiral™ App as an education value, NuuED Founder Derrick O’Neal stated, “We deliver powerful, easy, and helpful educational content to learners oriented to know how they learn best. We all learn in different ways. Our App understands how you learn and it enhances your existing subjects with content suited to you, the learner.”

The NuuED Spiral™ is a smart mobile educational App that is a fun, and interactive tool to determine a person’s Learning Personality. Then, the NuuED Spiral™ provides educational materials, information, tools, games, and resources in the style best suited for your Learning Personality. The NuuED Spiral™ continues to help in learning while monitoring progress and providing rewards such as cash, scholarship funds, gifts, and shareable NuuED Smart Help™ performance and accomplishment badges. The NuuED Spiral™ is an App available on any platform; tablet, smartphone or computer with internet access. No one is excluded. The NuuED Spiral™ provides you services in a socially safe, responsible, and secure environment for learners, educators, parents, trainers, employers, guardians and more.

About NuuED Inc.

Privately funded and based in Oakland, California, NuuED Inc. is dedicated to providing tools and services that help in all aspects of education by recognizing diversity in learning and applying advanced technologies to help the learner. For more information, visit

About DuKlaw Ventures

DuKlaw Ventures is dedicated to the growth of innovation technologies in early stage companies focused on cyber security and inter-related global scope business such as education, mobile telecommunications, social media. and finance. DuKlaw Ventures provides 30 plus years of industry and technology experience across the leading business and technology sectors that depend on cyber security as a core strategy. DuKlaw Ventures rapidly evolved as a strategic innovation partner and resource in evolving and emerging cyber security technologies that are shaping the future of global business and cyber security innovation. To learn more visit

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