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CD Encyclopedia

Why Buy an Encyclopedia?

So you can find the answers to the unrelenting "why's" of your children. A CD encyclopedia offers a single source for a lot of answers. For example, do you remember what causes a sonic boom, and why breaking the sound barrier was such a big deal?

So you don't have to take your children to the library as often. Picture this: it's Thursday night, and your 14 year-old comes up to you after dinner and says he's just starting a report on Martin Luther King's famous speech, and it's due tomorrow morning. "Could you please take me to the library?" Wouldn't it be nice to just pop a CD into the home computer, and find everything he needs right there?

So your children can learn modern research techniques at home. The world of research has changed dramatically since most of us were in school. No longer is a card catalog, or the Readers Guide To Periodical Literature, the starting point for research. These CDs offer an introduction to searching computerized databases.

Check out the SuperKids encyclopedia trial, read the reviewers' pithy comments, or jump to the Summary Table for a quick snapshot.

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