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Disney’s Lion King Animated StoryBook

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Reviewed on Pentium PC w/8Mb and CD

The Lion King Animated StoryBook was captivating for our reviewers’ kids. But as one of them noted, “it was a sure bet since the graphics and music were familiar.” Its long-term interest holding power was a question-mark, however for older children. The parents also felt the software’s educational value was limited -- it was viewed more as entertainment, than education. Several were also frustrated by the lengthy credits that scrolled on he screen when they attempted to exit the program. One parent noted that the credits ran longer than those in most Academy-Award winners speeches! (Hitting the space bar terminates those credits).

One parent concluded by noting: “Our children spent a long time on the program, mainly for entertainment purposes. On that basis, I would not recommend it as a reading program. But it sure beats watching TV.”

Lion King
Interest Holding Power* * * ?
Parent Friendly* * *
Independent Activity Value* * * *
Educational Value* *
Purchase Value* * *

See also:
Editor's, Teacher's, and Kid's Reviews and the
Summary Ratings Table

System Requirements
486/25, 2X CD-ROM, 4MB RAM, 10MB free disk space, SVGA, Windows 3.1, mouse, 16-bit sound card

Performa 550 or better, Quadra, Power Mac; System 7.1 or later, 640x480x256 color video display, 8MB RAM, 2X CD-ROM

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