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To: comic@superkids.com
Subject:  Whiskey!

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On this building there is a bar on the 30th floor or something like
that. And there are all these drunks and stuff and one guy yells
"WHISKEY!", chugs it down and jumps out the window.

Everyone watches  him fall and land on his feet and run back up.
Then the guy again yells "WHISKEY!", chugs it, and jumps out.
When he gets back up, all the others ask him how he did it and
he just says to ask for a whiskey and jump out. So all of them
yell "WHISKEY!","WHISKEY!" and jump out... SPLAT! They're
all dead.

The bartender then says, "You know   Superman, you can be a
real jerk when you're drunk!"

----- End Included Message -----

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